March 1, 2016

Void of Course Moon Added to iPhemeris

One of our most oft requested features was to add Void of Course Moon to iPhemeris. We are happy to announce that Version 2.1 of iPhemeris for Mac OSX was released March 1, 2016 and adds this feature. You’ll find it at the bottom of the monthly Ephemeris and Dec/Lat tables. It shows the date, time, planet and aspect of the last major aspect made by the Moon (Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition) to a major planet, and the subsequent time of Lunar Ingress into the next Sign. Times are given for GMT and Local Time (whatever that is on your device). The Void of Course Moon period is the period of time between the last aspect made and the time of subsequent Lunar ingress into the next sign. In the illustration shown above, on the first row you can see that the last aspect was a conjunction to Mars at 14:55 EST followed by the subsequent Lunar ingress into Sagittarius at 18:56 EST. The Void of Course period was between 14:55 and 18:56, or about 4 hours and 1 minute.
September 17, 2015

iPhemeris, iOS 9 and iCloud

As people migrate to iOS 9 from earlier versions of iOS, we’ve been getting an increased number of accusatory emails and feedback asserting things like: “your App lost all my Astrology charts in iCloud”. First, let me assure you, iPhemeris did not lose your chart data. It is most likely all still there in iCloud. In fact nothing has changed in our code relative to iCloud and the way Astrology Charts are stored in over a year! Here is what likely did happen and some solutions for fixing it. In both iOS 8 and iOS 9, Apple made changes to the way iCloud worked to improve stability and reliability. In both these versions of iOS, users have been required to upgrade all the data (not just iPhemeris data) in their iCloud accounts to newer formats. After you’ve upgraded to the new version of iOS and when signing into iCloud for the first time, a message about this pops up, unfortunately many don’t bother to read it and don’t realize what is about to happen. And during both of these conversions (to iOS 8 or iOS 9) when you convert one device, you must convert all devices else data on unconverted devices will no longer sync with data on newer devices and vice versa. […]
September 1, 2015

v9.7 iPhemeris Astrology App For iPhone Update Available Now

iPhemeris Astrology App for iPhone was just updated to Version 9.7 and is available now in the iTunes App store. Get the update here: iPhemeris in iTunes App Store v9.7 Release Notes New – Report listing all points on charts, includes House and Declination. New – Settings for toggling things on or off on the astrology chart wheels: Toggle display of aspects on the wheel. Toggle display of astrological House numbers. Toggle display of astrological decanates. Toggle display of Mc, Asc, Ic when they are same as the house cusps. New – Sky Now Features: Sky Now got it’s own independent Orb settings. Sky Now chart wheel can be time stepped. New – Added 2 more house systems: Alcabitious & Vedic. Improved – Chart display has bigger fonts and better spacing. Improved – Use a long press de-select all selected charts and select the pressed. Fixed – iOS 8 chart sizing issue in landscape.
November 17, 2014

iPhemeris for Mac OSX Has Arrived!

Well I’ve finally gotten around to porting iPhemeris for iOS over to OSX. It was an interesting project. A lot of the core C Libraries I built moved straight over. But there was a lot stuff to do for the user interface which was completely non portable. While there are many similarities between iOS and Cocoa on OSX one has a lot of getting used to. Some of the core OSX stuff is very, very old has not kept pace with the advances Apple made in iOS… but that does seem to be changing a bit now. There will be many great and interesting things to come for this Brother to the iPhone version of iPhemeris! One really cool benefit is that I’ve included iCloud support right out of the box, so users of iPhemeris for iPhone will find all their Charts showing up in iPhemeris for Mac. It’s really nice to be able to add charts on my desktop and find them on my iPhone and iPad! iPhemeris
January 1, 2014

The History Of iPhemeris

The History of iPhemeris The idea for iPhemeris arose when Apple and Steve Jobs (a personal hero of mine) announced the App Store and the Developer Tool Kit in 2008. At the time I was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for an Electronic Bond Exchange and immersed in the world of software and computer technologies (My entire working career has been as a co-founder or senior member of one software and technology company or another: Rogue Wave Software; ILX Systems; Beacon Capital Strategies; and I had been following Apple as both an investor and Mac technology lover since 2004. My reaction to the iPhone when I first saw it was one of those “YES” moments when you see a piece of technology that instantly solves all your complaints and issues with something. iPhone was such an obvious improvement to everything that was the mess that was cell phones in those days, that I was absolutely one of those idiots waiting on line for hours at the Apple store to get one. So, when Steve Jobs subsequently announced the Developer Kit, I knew had to get my hands on it and do something… but what?! One morning shortly after the announcement […]