December 24, 2016

Resolving Aspect Lines Issue in iOS v10.4.x

Happy Holidays and welcome to Mercury Retrograde! If you are seeing charts that look something like the image below there is a simple fix, but first a brief explanation. The problem began with iPhemeris v10.4.0 for iOS. It happens intermittently and ONLY on devices running iOS 10.x  Today (Dec. 24), I learned it is caused by a fairly major iOS 10.x bug (Apple’s bug, not mine) The bug affects the way preferences are saved and manifests most obviously in relation to  orb preferences for the 4 new aspects 10.4 adds: Decile (36°), Septile (51.4°), TreDecile (108°) and QuinDecile (165°). When iPhemeris first launches it attempts to update Orb Preferences and add default orbs for the new aspects if they don’t already exist. However, because of the iOS bug this randomly fails and with hundreds of thousands of devices using iPhemeris that is unfortunately fairly often. After getting reports of it (some quite nasty actually) and a few pictures I guessed what might be going on and attempted a fix in 10.4.1. However because of the iOS bug this didn’t work. Not knowing about the bug at the time, I attempted a second fix with 10.4.2 and which also included a way to get some diagnostic information. The diagnostic data confirmed that what I though […]