January 15, 2015

Part of Fortune Calculation

After I added Part of Fortune to iPhemeris I began getting emails from users complaining that their “Part of Fortune was wrong”. It was rather annoying and demonstrated that many do not do their homework, and simply use the tools without really understanding the why’s and wherefore’s. Here’s hoping I can get people sorted out on this…. The history of the Part of Fortune is really quite interesting and the calculation commonly considered correct is a perfect example of an error in translation becoming a fact! The Part of Fortune is one of the Arabic Parts, which are quite old and according to this WikiPedia article date back to Pre-Hellenistic times. How old they really are is not clear and cannot be proven by conventional means, but all good students of the Ageless Wiz, know that Astrology is very, very, very ancient indeed (probably as old as humanity itself) and that certain schools of Astrologers in India, claim to have written records of their Astrological observations going back over 100,000 years! Personally I don’t doubt them, and of course dead brained academics think that is ridiculous, but what do they know! Most of them still say we were running around in tiger skins a mere 7 or 8,000 years ago…. Then we found Göbekli […]