January 1, 2014

The History Of iPhemeris

The History of iPhemeris The idea for iPhemeris arose when Apple and Steve Jobs (a personal hero of mine) announced the App Store and the Developer Tool Kit in 2008. At the time I was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for an Electronic Bond Exchange and immersed in the world of software and computer technologies (My entire working career has been as a co-founder or senior member of one software and technology company or another: Rogue Wave Software; ILX Systems; Beacon Capital Strategies; AskingPoint.com) and I had been following Apple as both an investor and Mac technology lover since 2004. My reaction to the iPhone when I first saw it was one of those “YES” moments when you see a piece of technology that instantly solves all your complaints and issues with something. iPhone was such an obvious improvement to everything that was the mess that was cell phones in those days, that I was absolutely one of those idiots waiting on line for hours at the Apple store to get one. So, when Steve Jobs subsequently announced the Developer Kit, I knew had to get my hands on it and do something… but what?! One morning shortly after the announcement […]