November 17, 2014

iPhemeris for Mac OSX Has Arrived!

Well I’ve finally gotten around to porting iPhemeris for iOS over to OSX. It was an interesting project. A lot of the core C Libraries I built moved straight over. But there was a lot stuff to do for the user interface which was completely non portable. While there are many similarities between iOS and Cocoa on OSX one has a lot of getting used to. Some of the core OSX stuff is very, very old has not kept pace with the advances Apple made in iOS… but that does seem to be changing a bit now. There will be many great and interesting things to come for this Brother to the iPhone version of iPhemeris! One really cool benefit is that I’ve included iCloud support right out of the box, so users of iPhemeris for iPhone will find all their Charts showing up in iPhemeris for Mac. It’s really nice to be able to add charts on my desktop and find them on my iPhone and iPad! iPhemeris