March 31, 2016

iPhemeris v2.2 for Mac OSX Released – Lunar Return

Version 2.2 of iPhemeris for Mac OSX with the new Lunar Return feature is now available as an update from the Mac App store! You asked for it, and we delivered!  This version also has some other great new features like a new and improved Eclipse table added to the bottom of Ephemeris pages. v2.2 Features New: Lunar Return New: 2 Charts +Now convenience button for Tri-Wheel. New: Local Mean Time (LMT) button for researchers. Improved: Improved Eclipse Tables. For a complete list see of additions, improvements and bug fixes see the What’s New section here: Mac Version – What’s New. Lunar Returns You can find the new Lunar Return feature in the same place in Chart Details where you set Solar Return data. It has a handy little tool that will let you pick a date and then find the lunar returns after that date or previous to it. It’s super easy to use and will only take  a few seconds to figure out.
March 9, 2016

iPhemeris Version 10 for iOS Released!

iPhemeris Version 10 for iOS Released! Version 10 was just released and is available from the iOS App Store now! It has lots of new features including: Available as In-App Purchase:   – Tri-Wheel – Mid-Point Reports – Void of Course Moon tables   Other free features and enhancements in this update:   – Aries 0 House System. – Print Options. – Printing improved. – Progressed charts can be time stepped. – App works well when users have text set larger for improved visibility. – Lots of other little minor issues fixed! Get it NOW!
March 1, 2016

Void of Course Moon Added to iPhemeris

One of our most oft requested features was to add Void of Course Moon to iPhemeris. We are happy to announce that Version 2.1 of iPhemeris for Mac OSX was released March 1, 2016 and adds this feature. You’ll find it at the bottom of the monthly Ephemeris and Dec/Lat tables. It shows the date, time, planet and aspect of the last major aspect made by the Moon (Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition) to a major planet, and the subsequent time of Lunar Ingress into the next Sign. Times are given for GMT and Local Time (whatever that is on your device). The Void of Course Moon period is the period of time between the last aspect made and the time of subsequent Lunar ingress into the next sign. In the illustration shown above, on the first row you can see that the last aspect was a conjunction to Mars at 14:55 EST followed by the subsequent Lunar ingress into Sagittarius at 18:56 EST. The Void of Course period was between 14:55 and 18:56, or about 4 hours and 1 minute.