March 22, 2017

iPhemeris Ephemeris Extended to 5000 Years (2500 BC to 2500 AD)

Announcing Version 3.0 (Mac OSX) of iPhemeris extends the Ephemeris to 5000 Years (2500 BC to 2500 AD). The ephemeris expansion also adds 4 important planetoids/asteroids: Astraea, Hygiea, Eris and Sedna. The expanded coverage works with all features including: Astrological Charts Tabular Ephemerides Graphical Ephemeris Astrological Calendars It is now possible to do anything the program is capable of for any date or date range between 2500 BC and 2500 AD. In addition to the extended ephemeris, we made many other small improvements and fixed numerous minor issues making this version of iPhemeris the best yet and something you will want to update to as soon as possible.