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December 26, 2021
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MILAB Analysis – Testing the Theory that All Alien Abductions are MILAB
December 26, 2021
Astrology of Ezekiel & Why It Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With UFOs
August 9, 2022
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Thoughts on Astrological Cycles, the USA, and War

This article started as an investigation of astrological cycles relating to the birth horoscope of the United States in an effort to develop “historical proofs” for the Tibetan (Djwhal Khul, D.K.) Master of the Wisdom’s statement that the USA has a Gemini Sun with Aquarius Rising (Destiny of the Nations by Alice Bailey, pg. 51-52 & 82-83). It evolved into an historical analysis proving the efficacy of Astrology and the the role played by Uranus and Pluto in the psychology of the USA and world events, with implications for the upcoming period between now (Mar. 24, 2022) and 2036.

Astrologers conventionally cast the United States Natal chart using the July 4, 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence for the birth date. But this date produces a Natal Sun in the sign Cancer and is in conflict with D.K.’s statement of a Gemini sun, implying that July 4th is not the correct “Birth Date”.  However, those with an historical understanding of the period can find better and more esoterically valid dates. This author finds the period of June 7-11, 1776 to be very interesting. Let us look at history and cycles and see if we cannot substantiate DK’s statement.

For the USA to have a Gemini Sun we need to find an historical event taking place between May 21 and June 21. Presumably, but not necessarily, this would have been in the year 1776. Such an event must meet the esoteric requirement of being a moment when the Confederated United States was born, esoterically understood. Therefore, it would relate to a point when it was realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that Independence was required, a decision to declare it was made, and acts were taken to bring that about. Consider the following:

  1. July 4th 1776 is not the best candidate! Contrary to popular understanding, on July 4th, 1776 only John Hancock and Charles Thomson signed the Declaration of Independence. It was not the date of some sudden decision to suddenly write and then decisively sign a document. July 4th was just one event in a series which had their origins over a month earlier when the actual decision to declare independence was made and the committee to write the Declaration was formed. The wording was finalized on July 2nd; two signed on July 4th; most signatories waited until August 2nd before signing such a treasonous document. From this it should be clear why esoterically July 4th is not the best candidate.
  2. The actual decision to separate from England, declare Independence and form a nation was made in June (7-11) of 1776 when the Sun was in Gemini. At that time decisive actions were taken that started the process in motion. Therefore, the year 1776 does seems probable as the correct year and is further substantiated by the fact that prior to 1776 most colonists did not want Independence. What they had hoped for was some form of representation in Parliament as a loyal colony. Many efforts were made by Benjamin Franklin and others in the preceding years to reason with England and King George and to reach an accommodation but to no avail.
  3. By May of 1776 events had forced most to conclude that Independence was the only option left and on June 7, 1776 Richard Henry Lee, the Virginia representative to the Continental Congress, introduced what is now known as the Lee Resolution. It sought a vote on declaring Independence and was a way to test Colonial sentiments. On June 11, 1776, although not yet put to a formal vote, a straw poll indicated that the majority were resolved for independence and the Continental Congress appointed committees to draw up the Declaration of Independence, investigate the mode of governance, and to begin drafting the Articles of Confederation (effectively the first Constitution of the United States). So, on June 11 the decision was made (the straw poll).

Therefore, the historical evidence does support a Gemini Sun for the United States given that the actual decision to separate and form the Nation was made by the official governing body when the Sun was in Gemini. Decisive action was taken on June 11, 1776 and committees appointed. The process of separation, declaring of Independence and formation of formal government was begun. Esoterically and on the inner planes it would seem that a causative event had transpired.

Additional proofs can be found by looking at major historical and existential events in US History during the periods when Uranus returns to Gemini. Also, such periods are the Uranian Return for any US birth chart having the year 1776 for the birth year; a double whammy so to speak! During these periods then, the US is undergoing both Uranus transiting its Sun sign, as well as a Uranian return! Both are well known astrological signatures for major transformation and upheaval.

Consider the following and with an eye to the upcoming period of the next 11 years (2022 – 2033):

Uranus 1765 – 1785

A few words about how to read these charts. They are a type of “Graphic Ephemeris”. They show planetary positions over time. The scale along the left and right columns represents the 360° of the Sky. Aries is the section from 0° – 30°, Taurus from 30° – 60°, Gemini 60° – 90° and so on. The squiggly lines show the planets of interest over time. Purple is Uranus, Pluto is red, Saturn is Green, Jupiter is Blue.

This type of chart is particularly useful for historical analysis because one can quickly spot when a planet is in or out of a sign and then compare the timing of that (see bottom time scale) to the dates of known events.

In Astrology, the closest one can get to demonstrable “proof” of its efficacy is to show that over time similar types of events happen each time the same astrological event occurs in the Sky. If one can gather enough events over a long enough period of time and which repeatedly demonstrate that astrological event X produces a certain type of historical event and which is of the type known to be caused by said event, then you are essentially “proving” a causative relationship.

It is our opinion that the 4 charts below, when correlated with the historical data, do just this and that each time Uranus enters Gemini and then Taurus, the same types of events do happen in the history of the USA and the world.

Uranus 1760s-1780s


  • 1767 – 1774 Uranus is in Taurus: We have it from the Teacher, Djwahl Khul (DK) that “The task of Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awaken and evoke the intuitive response of Taurus to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achieved and also the development of the spiritual consciousness—substituting these higher soul aspects for the lower form reactions. – Esoteric Astrology, pg. 401“. During the periods of Uranus in Taurus it would appear that those elements which obstruct the emergence of that “Spiritual Consciousness” in the USA (as reflected in its mode of governance) are exposed and stubbornly assert their position which then precipitates a battle to restructure the “personality” of the US when Uranus enters Gemini. In the US the seeds of the revolution were sown when England started levying a series of taxes on the Colonies to cover the cost of its just ended war with France (French and Indian War; ended 1763). As Uranus approaches Taurus and then enters, the taxes mount, one by one. In these we see a classic, Taurian, “bullish” assertion of self-interest on the part of England, and particularly so because the Colonists had been asking repeatedly and in various ways for representation in English Parliament. Something which was repeatedly refused.
    • 1764 Sugar Act – a tax.
    • 1765 Stamp Act – a tax.
    • 1767 Townshend Acts (June-July 1767) – England asserts right to govern and tax its colonies with 4 acts.
    • 1770 Boston Massacre – Unrest and protests over taxation.
    • 1773 Boston Tea Party – Protesting taxes on tea and Taxation without Representation.
    • 1774 Intolerable Acts (March – June) – England asserts further rights of governance, closes the port of Boston, asserts rights to seize property and demands restitution for destroyed tea (Boston Tea Party). Classic, taurian “bull headed” arrogant self-assertion.
  • 1774 – 1782 Uranus in Gemini: The declaration of Independence / Revolution / Formal formation of the United States and Constitution. The revolution ends in 1783 as Uranus leaves Gemini.
    • 1774 First Continental Congress (Sept. 5) convened – in response to the Intolerable Acts, which was the last straw for the Colonists.
    • 1775 (April) – Battle of Lexington and Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill.
    • 1776 (May/June) – Continental Congress considers independence. Lee Resolution submitted (June 2) to Continental Congress. Straw Poll (June 7) indicates most are resolved for Independence.
    • 1776 (June) – Articles of Confederation start being drafted. The Articles were the first use of what became the name of the USA: “The United States of America”. Declaration of Independence starts being drafted.
    • 1776 (July/Aug) – Declaration of Independence signed.
    • 1776 (Nov 15) – Second Continental Congress adopts the Articles and therefore this is the first formal Constitution or form of government of the USA.
    • 17761782 – Full on war.
    • 1781 (March) – Articles of Confederation fully ratified.
    • 1782 Uranus Exits Gemini (July)
    • 1782 Anglo-American Peace (Nov) – Effectively ends the war between England and US; Congress endorsed it April 1783.
    • 1783 (Sept) – Treaty of Paris formally ends the Revolutionary War approximately 1 year after Uranus left Gemini and entered Cancer.


Uranus 1850 – 1870

Uranus 1850-1870


  • 1851 – 1858 Uranus in Taurus: The seeds of the Civil war are sown. Although usually framed as a battle over slavery, it was at its core, essentially a battle between a selfish, albeit bigoted, minority attempting to assert its economic rights (as the South saw it) vs. the imposition of a moral authority on its disgusting, amoral economic practices. Seen another way, we have on the one hand a stubborn, prideful (very Taurian) self-assertion that bristles at the imposition on its personal rights by a more inclusive Gemini authority seeking to impose a larger group vision. Uranus in Taurus will always be about the battle between the self-assertion of some individual or groups limited vision, versus the assertion of a larger group’s more inclusive, collective vision for the well being of the whole. During this period of Uranus in Taurus we find:
    • 1850 Battle over California Statehood – Gold was discovered in California (1849) accelerating the issue of its entrance into the Union. California was anti-slavery. Slave owning states did not want it to be admitted because they saw it as a threat to the balance of power in Congress and therefore a threat to the economics of their own slave labor activities.
    • 1850 Wilmot Proviso – It never passed but would have banned slavery in all new states acquired by the US. The battles around the attempts to pass it started serious discussions of secession.
    • 1850 The Compromise of 1850 – Admitted California but did not regulate slavery in other territories obtained from the Mexican-American War. It strengthened the Fugitive Slave Act which required Northern states to seize and return fugitive slaves to their Southern owners. It postponed hostilities but in many ways increased polarization.
    • 1854 Kansas Nebraska Act – Established “popular sovereignty” or the right of all new territories to decide by popular referendum if they would allow slavery. In some sense we now see this type of thinking reflected in the attempts by Southern states to get around national abortion laws. This act further inflamed relations between North and South.
    • 1857 Dred Scott Case – Dred Scott, a Virginia slave sued for his freedom in court. It went to the Supreme Court which ruled he was a piece of property that had none of the Rights of a human being. Selfish, Bull-headed, Taurian economic argument beats Gemini inclusive values.
  • 1858 – 1866 Uranus in Gemini: Events relative to slavery reach a breaking point and escalate into the Civil War. Hostilities continue through almost the entire period ending only a short time before Uranus leaves the sign. These events are essentially, once again, a battle over which principles will govern the nation. Will it be governed by a higher, inclusive Gemini moral vision, or split in two by reactionary elements asserting their selfishness at the expense of the good of the whole:
    • 1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debates – Series of 7 debates on slavery in the state of Illinois Senate race. These raised Abraham Lincoln to national prominence and led to his nomination as the Republican Candidate in 1860. These damaged Douglas’s standing with Southern Democrats and ruined his presidential chances.
    • 1859 John Brown’s Raid – An Abolitionist who advocated violent action against Southern slave owners. In a certain sense he started the Civil War when he and 19 others attempted to raid the armory at Harper’s Ferry Virginia and arm slaves with the seized weapons. The attempt failed and was put down by Lee.
    • 1860 Abraham Lincoln Elected President – He wins in a landslide, despite not being included on the ballot in many Southern States!
    • 1860 – 1861 Seven States Secede – South Carolina secedes one month after the election. Fearing Lincoln’s anti-slavery position, six more states secede by spring 1861.
    • 1861 Battle of Fort Sumter – The fort is besieged by Confederates, eventually surrenders. Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers to form the Union Army. The Civil War begins.
    • 1861 – 1865 Civil War.
    • 1865 13th Amendment – Abolition of Slavery, passed Jan. 31 1865. Ratified Dec. 6 1865. An important structural change to the Constitution and which pertains to the existential nature of the USA.
    • 1865 Lee Surrenders (April) – This started a string of Confederate surrenders.
    • 1865 Lincoln Assassinated (April).
    • 1865 Uranus Exits Gemini (July).
    • 1865 Final Confederate Surrender (Nov.) – Last Confederate army surrenders at Shenandoah ending all hostilities.
    • 1866 14th Amendment Ratified – Citizenship Rights, Equal Protection, Apportionment, Civil War Debt. An important structural change to the Constitution and which pertains to the existential nature of the USA.


Uranus / Pluto  1933 – 1952

Uranus/Pluto 1933-1952

  • 1934 – 1941 Uranus in Taurus: Depression and FDR reformations to bring the USA out. Hitler also embarks on an FDR style program to pull Germany out of the depression. The implications are that the effects of Uranus in Taurus have similar effects around the world:
    • 1933 Roosevelt Inaugurated – Elected on the New Deal platform as a means of getting the US out of the Depression and back on its feet.
    • 1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany – Hitler begins an FDR like program to bring Germany out of the depression with various national programs to revitalize its own economy.
    • 1933 18th Amendment Repealed – Ending of nationwide ban on production and sale of alcohol. The ban was regarded esoterically as being a major source of corruption and crime that would have never arisen had alcohol been allowed.
    • 1933-1934 Relief & “Alphabet” Agencies – During 1933 4000 banks collapse. FDR closes them to avert bank runs. Creates over 40 “Alphabet” agencies to employ and regulate the nation, including: Civilian Conservation Corp. Tennessee Valley Authority. Agricultural Adjustment Administration. National Park Service, etc.
    • 1935-1936 The Second New Deal – Infrastructure. Over 20 agencies and acts targeted at infrastructure, including: Soil Conservation, Works Progress Act (WPA), Social Security, Rural Electrification, Banking Act.
    • 1937 Pluto enters Leo – Foundational Science relative to nuclear physics and plutonium underway in Germany. The race to unlock the forces of Shamballa (Leo) for the purposes of selfish ambition (lower expression of Leo) begins quietly.
    • 1937-1940 More New Deal.
    • 1938 Fission Discovered in Germany (December).
    • 1939 A-Bomb and Nuclear developments:
      • Germany Begins secret A-Bomb effort.
      • Einstein writes FDR of the possibility and dangers of the A-Bomb.
      • FDR, alerted to the A-Bomb danger, appoints a civilian/military committee to investigate the physics of Uranium.
      • Uranium Piles leading to Plutonium (via Transmutation).
    • 1939 WW2 Heating Up – Germany invades Czechoslovakia & Poland. Russian-German pact. Britain re-arms. Britain & France (allies of Poland) declare war on Germany.
    • 1940 FDR Wins Third Term – After 7 years of New Deal (basically the period of Uranus in Taurus) US unemployment has dropped from 22% to 9%.
    • 1940 Plutonium Synthesized & Named in Berkley California (Dec. 14) – ALWAYS watch the equinox and solstices for developments of major global importance.
    • 1940 WW2 Escalating – Hitler invades Denmark & Norway. Chamberlain resigns. Churchill becomes Prime Minister. Italy allies with Germany.
    • 1941 Four Freedoms – FDR in Jan. 6th State of the Union enunciates for the world four great principles of Freedom and what essentially WW2 was about and why he was going to continue to support England via Lend Lease. Perhaps one can see the Four Freedoms as an expression of the type of spiritual consciousness DK states Uranus awakens when in Taurus.
  • 1941 – 1949 Uranus in Gemini: The US is drawn into WW2 (consider that U.S. involvement in WW1 was more marginal when Uranus was NOT in Gemini). The “hot” war ends in 1945 but the “cold” war gets underway in 1947 and is well under way by 1949.
    • 1941 Pearl Harbor – US enters war against Japan. Germany declares war on US. Germany attacks Russia.
    • 1945 VE Day (May) – War in Europe ends.
    • 1945 Aug. 6 – First use of Atom Bomb. Japan surrenders Aug. 15. Unconditional surrender September. WW2 Ends!
    • 1946 Cold War Begins – Stalin declares communism and capitalism are incompatible.
    • 1946 CR’s previous incarnation (Nov. 22) returns to the bardo. Just checking how carefully anyone is reading :)- lol.
    • 1947 Marshall Plan – Russia refuses to participate, although invited.
    • 1947 UN Partition Plan for Palestine – Israel.
    • 1947 Pakistan Becomes Independent state.
    • 1947 22 Amendment – It limits to two, the number of times someone can be elected to the Office of President of the USA. A conservative reaction to FDRs four terms as President made possible by the fact that many conservative Republicans and Democrats came into office in 1946.
    • 1948 Containment – Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia. Berline blockade.
    • 1949 NATO Ratified – Russia tests first A-Bomb. Mao takes control of China.


Uranus/Pluto 2017 – 2036

Uranus/Pluto 2017-2036


  • 2018 – 2025 Uranus in Taurus: Well… here we are again! Uranus returned to Taurus in July of 2018 and we have various developments challenging the political and economic stability of the United States. If the past is any indication, the 7 year period from 2018-2025 will bring to light and into clear focus the divisions and Governmental / Constitutional issues that the USA must address to better represent the Aquarian Ideal of its ascendant.  Also, as the effect of Uranus in Taurus is global we will see similar things happening the world over. Thus far we have:
    • 2018 Trade War with China (Jan 2018).
    • 2018 Tax Cut – Largest tax cut for the wealthiest 1% and corporations signed into Law Dec. 2017. Takes effect in 2018.
    • 2018 Supreme Court – Brett Kavanaugh appointed (July) and confirmed to the Supreme Court under a cloud of serious issues of impropriety.
    • 2018 Pandemic Office Closed – One year before the start of the pandemic, the office most able to help the USA properly respond to the COVID crisis is shut down.
    • 2018 Democrats Take Control of Congress.
    • 2019 Impeachment – The issues brought to light around this event require some Constitutional reform and may very well be the result of the Uranus in Gemini period (2025 – 2032).
    • 2019 Covid – Outbreaks begin around the world.
    • 2020 Brexit (Jan) – England withdraws from the EU.
    • 2020 Covid – Becomes a major global issue. It creates economic and supply chain issues. Economic relief checks. The COVID crisis surfaces a classicTaurian battle between conservative, reactionary elements that stubbornly assert personal, individual rights (to not get vaccinated or wear a mask) vs. those attempting to impose rules and assert the rights, needs and vision for the collective good of the whole. The issue becomes politicized and increases division along party lines (around the world) and is sowing seeds of division which will likely have to be resolved when Uranus again enters Gemini. Another example of Uranus in taurus and the “lower form reactions” vs. the higher spiritual consciousness and values.
    • 2020 RacismBlack Lives Matter. Although this movement has been around since 2013, it goes viral during the pandemic. Issues of racist police brutality, inequities in the application of justice around the USA come into clear view. During the COVID “lock down”, protests and violence, BLM issue are politicized by the conservative right. During much of the lockdown people are home, watching news of events and court cases illustrating police brutality. Once again and when Uranus is in Taurus, the racist aspect of the USA’s dweller emerges clearly into view.
    • 2020 Census Curtailed – This has an underlying basis in racism. COVID rendered the count “incomplete”. The counting could have been extended due to COVID, but the Republicans who were in power prevented that. Many consider that the reason it was not extended was because it was mainly minorities who tend to vote Democratic that were undercounted. This will have long term implications (next 10 years) for future Congressional Districting.
    • 2020 Supreme Court – Amy Coney Barrett appointment rushed through in partisan play to shape court. Here we see a conservative, reactionary minority seeking to impose anti-abortion views on the majority through court shaping and “legislating from the Bench”. This appointment along with the previous one brings to light structural issues relative to lifetime terms for Justices, the size of the court and Senate “oversight”. All of this could very well get revised during the Uranus in Gemini period.
    • 2020 Biden Wins election – Republicans refuse to accept the loss and, in an effort to bully through their party’s candidate, make up lies about a stolen election. They whip up the masses. Much discussion pertaining to the Electoral College.
    • 2021 January 6th Insurrection – Clear indications of serious National divisions which were exacerbated by the lying machinations of unprincipled self-serving actors. More classic Taurian, bull headed, stubborn self-assertion.
    • 2021 Biden Inaugurated.
    • 2021 Election “Reform” Nonsense – In response to the lies of election theft and despite no proof ever being put forward that was able to survive a court case. Numerous recounts failed to show theft and over 90 court cases failed to prove any theft or impropriety! Regardless, many Southern states are changing election laws to give them future authority and power to invalidate elections and interfere in the process. The climate is similar to the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act when Territories began asserting “Popular Sovereignty”. Effectively state election bodies are using loopholes in the Constitution to prepare the ground to assert their “individual” and selfish “state rights” over majority rule. Once again the South is sowing the seeds of secession and some are already talking about it.
    • 2021 – 2022 Abortion Rights – Another Taurian battle with Texas & Oklahoma asserting a form of “popular sovereignty”. A narrow minded minority of Christian Fundamentalists is stubbornly and “bullishly” asserting their views and seeking ways around the existing Law of the Land by passing laws that circumvent the “settled” Law (Roe v. Wade). Other Southern states are watching what happens when this issue gets to the Supreme Court and will do the same if the outcome is favorable. These actions are designed to force the issue back to the Supreme Court in the hopes that the recent appointments who are thought to be anti-abortion, will declare Roe v. Wade unconstitutional.
    • 2021 Infrastructure Legislation – Similar to FDR period when Uranus was in Taurus: American Rescue Plan ($1.9 Trillion). Vaccine Distribution Plan. Immigration Reform. Foreign Policy Restoration. Undoing of a lot of mess from the previous administration. Focusses on bringing manufacturing back to USA and out of China. Biden’s Infrastructure legislation is the largest such program since FDRs “New Deal”, also enacted primarily when Uranus was in Taurus as it now is again. Interestingly, the previous administration campaigned on a promise of FDR style New Deal type infrastructure programs but became embroiled in personal and political battles and never focused on it.
    • 2022 Inflation – Pandemic related inflation issues due to supply chain problems begin to dominate the news.
    • 2022 Ukraine – Russia invades. Another form of bullish self-assertion. The global response, which includes discontinuing purchases of Russian oil, further exacerbates inflation issues and also lays the groundwork for some kind of changes to the value of money. The US Dollar is heavily dependent on its relation to oil as the Hedge-Money or currency in which oil is traded and denominated.
    • 2022 Orban Re-elected in Hungary (Apr.) – Conservative ally of Russia who opposes European sanctions that are designed to force Russia out of Ukraine.
    • 2022 30% of House votes AGAINST Re-affirming NATO (Apr.) – An MSNBC Commentator nailed this with the following spot on comment. He said: “The Right Wing, Christian Fundamentalists like Putin because he is bringing the Russian equivalent (Russian Orthodox Church) back into prominence. They are signaling we don’t care what atrocities you commit (a lot are coming to light at the time of the vote) as long as you are a Christian Fundamentalist!”. This is something to watch and I suspect will be a much bigger issue, as we move towards 2025.
    • 2022 Mid Term elections – It is not clear what will happen at the time of this writing, but it is relatively easy to see how election battles will further divide the country and sow the seeds for more secession and civil war type sentiments.
    • 2022 Pluto – Governs oil and nukes:
      • As Pluto approaches Aquarius (Pluto is currently at 28° Capricorn), the sign opposite Leo and the first use of the atomic bomb, it is rather disturbing that Russia raises the specter of their use once again.
      • Ukraine is causing a fundamental re-alignment in global oil use. It is not clear where this will all lead.
      • Ukraine has approximately 15 nuclear reactors. The war is doing serious damage to electrical and water infrastructure. If it does not stop soon the danger increases that we will have a failure in the cooling systems leading to another Chernobyl style nuclear disaster.
    • 2024 Presidential Election – With all the jury rigging and gerrymandering going on, election unrest is likely.
  • 2025 – 2032 Uranus In Gemini: The past three times this happened in the USA there were major structural reforms in the way the USA governed itself. The previous structural and legislative reforms were the result of the battles and issues that were brought to a point of crises during the previous 7 year period when Uranus was in Taurus. All of this can be seen as a battle for control between selfish, bigoted elements in the USA (Its Dweller on the Threshold), and those groups expressive of the more inclusive, spiritually illumined, Aquarian Ideal of its Soul. And once again, the battle is shaping up between a conservative, reactionary minority in the South and a more liberal majority in the North. It is difficult to say exactly what will happen as we are still in the Taurian phase, but here are some of the issues that have been come clearly into focus during the current Uranus in Taurus period:
    • Electoral College – This system is undemocratic and is the mechanism that allows a minority of the population to have disproportionate control over who runs the country, how it is run and the legislative agenda. It is the primary mechanism used by reactionary conservative forces to retain power. Elimination of this single element in the Constitution and a shift to electing the President through popular vote (51 percent, clearly more democratic) is perhaps the single biggest change that could be made towards enabling the country to better express the Aquarian Ideal. During the 2020 election period and subsequent turmoil the Electoral College came before the public eye as a major source of trouble. During the 2025 -2032 period it could be eliminated.
    • The US Senate – The Senate is also an undemocratic system resembling the English House of Lords. It too allows a minority to control the legislative agenda. It is possible that during the Uranus in Gemini period, like England did to its house of Lords, the Senate is neutered. Power should be shifted to the House of Representatives and the terms of Representatives extended to at least 4 years.
    • Supreme Court – Issues around the Supreme Court are also emerging clearly into focus during Uranus in Taurus. Several things are being suggested as solutions including:
      • Term Limits – Instead of life-time appointments to the court, set a single term of 7 or 10 years.
      • Expansion – Increase the size of the court from 9 to 15.
      • Change the Selection Process – Shift responsibility for nominating Justices to the House of Representatives or a national committee of judges on the Federal Bench.
      • Rules for Recusal – A clear set of guidelines for who must recuse themselves from participation in cases when conflicts of interest arise.
    • Presidential Oversight – During this Uranus in Taurus period, the issue of the President being “above the law” came up repeatedly. Congressional and Senate requests ignored; laws flouted and there was much Taurian belligerence. This too will potentially come up for review and change during the Uranus in Gemini period.
    • Civil War – In the US, whoever takes office in 2025 is likely to step into a maelstrom of political antagonisms caused by perceived injustices regardless of which side wins. The antagonisms are building and the seeds of separation and division are growing. It is not difficult to see that if things continue on in this manner the danger increases that the US will enter into another internal confrontation that could very well take the 7 year period of Uranus in Gemini to resolve. Let us hope it remains in the realm of the courts and the legislative arena and does not descend onto a battlefield. But, as we witnessed on January 6, 2021 it can quickly become violent and already has!
    • Ukraine – This situation must be resolved well before 2025. If it is not, the US and Europe could be drawn into a wider war.
    • Pluto – In 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius:
      • This is the sign opposite Leo and where it was in 1937 when the battle for control of the nuclear force began. Consider that the Leo/Aquarius polarity relates to the Shamballa/Hierarchical relationship on the higher turn of the spiral and the Group/Individual on the lower. In WW2 it was a battle for who would control that force. The selfish materialists, or those seeking global, Right Human Relations. Fortunately, good won that time. It is very encouraging that at the moment, most of the world stands unitedly against Russian materialistic aggression. But, after 2023 there is an increasing risk of A-Bomb use if the situation is not resolved before then.
      • Also, it is possible that there will be scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of nuclear physics (as happened in the 1940s after it entered Leo) and which will fundamentally change the scientific understanding of nuclear power (not to mention, physics, reality and consciousness) and which will also change the economics of oil. Pluto in Leo can potentially have something to do with redefining how humanity looks at itself and which may come about through new discoveries in physics.
      • Pluto governs oil. Events in Ukraine appear to be causing a fundamental re-alignment relative to European use of oil, energy and where they source it from. This has major consequences for the valuation of money. It is not clear where all this leads but at the moment it is helping, not hurting the value of the US dollar.


Analysis and Summary

One learns a couple of things when looking at these astrological events over time:

  1. It appears that when looking at astrology on the level of a nation and particularly with respect to major psychological and existential effects, specific exact points are less important than the whole sign. This seems substantiated by the fact that Uranus entering and exiting key signs in the US chart produces major effects almost immediately upon entry and exit. The Master DK never talks about exact points and does make a few comments relative to the importance of the presence of planets in the sign. One such statement was in response to a question relative to the exact position of Vulcan; DK said the exact position was irrelevant and the only thing that mattered esoterically was the sign it was in. Therefore, perhaps we don’t need to worry about the exact date/time so much as the fact of a Gemini Sun and an Aquarius Ascendant for the USA. This approach to Astrology is more in the Vedic style.
  2. Why is Uranus in Taurus so powerful in the US chart? Well, we have from Djwhal Khul that: “The task of Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awaken and evoke the intuitive response of Taurus to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achieved and also the development of the spiritual consciousness—substituting these higher soul aspects for the lower form reactions. – Esoteric Astrology, pg. 401“. And certainly we see this. This then is a Square on the Fixed Cross with Uranus in Taurus, square to the USA ascendant in Aquarius. Each time Uranus passes through Taurus it brings to the surface elements in the national psychology that are obstacles to the expression of the USA’s Aquarian Soul. Said another way, the USA “incarnated” to express the Aquarian Ideal of group consciousness and inclusiveness. Each time Uranus enters Taurus, the sign of Intuitive Vision (higher expression) or stubborn, selfish, self-assertion (lower expression), it forces to the surface and creates conflict between societal elements that are selfish and which resist the more inclusive Aquarian vision. A battle ensues between the dweller of the nation (its lower selfish expression) and the soul of the nation which is seeking to assert the more inclusive vision and values.
  3. In esoteric Astrology the crosses are most important and when Uranus is in Taurus and on the Fixed Cross it activates all four arms of the Cross, one of which is the US Ascendant (Aquarius). And thus we get the Taurus/Scorpio Leo/Aquarius battle between the Soul of the Nation and its “dweller” or negative personality nature. Each time Uranus has entered Taurus, it has surfaced the group elements in the National Dweller that must be addressed if the nation is to fully express the objectives of its Aquarian Soul. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius and the Labor of Hercules: the Cleansing of the Augean Stables, brings to light that which must be eliminated from the lower nature of the nation and thereby set an example for the world to follow: “I Light the Way”. A battle ensues which pits those elements expressive of the lower, selfish and materialistic aspect against those elements that seek to express the higher ideal. This then sets the stage for the subsequent battle to reorganize the nation along the lines of the higher ideal when Uranus enters the Gemini.
  4. By the time Uranus enters Gemini, the issues have been made clear. That which must be eliminated from the personality expression of the nation are now on full display and battling for control and survival. Those seeking to bring the nation more into line with the Aquarian Ideal seek to re-organize it to better express those. This is typical of the urge to re-make the personality expression, so oft seen with Uranus transiting the Sun sign. And each time Uranus has entered the Sun sign we see a full on battle to remake the Nation to be a better expression of its soul purpose and ideal. Some elements rebel, others seek to reshape the Laws of the land to address the issues and bring the USA more into line with its Aquarian soul. And, Laws are governed by the 7th Ray which strongly plays through Uranus.
  1. Analysis of Uranus in Gemini and Taurus in USA History