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MILAB Analysis – Testing the Theory that All Alien Abductions are MILAB

This article has absolutely nothing to do with iPhemeris software and is simply a side interest.

The attached paper is a little thought experiment undertaken to test the Military Abduction (MILAB) assertion, which states that all people reporting having been abducted by aliens are actually being abducted by some government entity as part of some disinformation campaign purportedly to hide the fact that we have some kind of top secret technology. The people making this assertion refer to these as Military Abductions or MILAB.

The reasons given for why any government would use the very technology it is trying to hide to conduct highly illegal operations and which are far more likely to have exactly the opposite effect and expose said technology, are never very clear.

Personally, this writer has always found the MILAB assertion to be rather illogical not to mention insulting and disrespectful to the thousands of people worldwide who are reporting these extremely traumatic events. I believe the abductees and what they say and know several personally. Also, whilst I am not being abducted, I have encountered aliens personally and directly on two occasions and for me, their existence is not theoretical, it is a personally verified fact.

Consequently I thought to use standard business feasibility analysis to test what it would take to be “true”. It’s a type of analysis that businesses do to gauge the theoretical possibility, scale and cost of proposed lines of businesses or new ventures. I’ve used it countless times throughout my business career and it is very effective. Said another way, the best way to test the BS-y-ness of someone’s “brain fart” (military/business term for off the cuff statements having no thought behind them), is to simply do the math. You can read the analysis below.

Suffice it to say that the analysis proves what was suspected and which was that it is extremely unlikely that any government entity would undertake an operation on the scale required in order to be abducting all the people that say they are being abducted.

I’ve attached my Research Report (13 Pages) to this blog post and you may freely download and disseminate as I wrote it as a service to the community of abductees in an effort to try help clear away some of the nonsensical theories for what is going on, so that we can get down to the business of figuring out what is really going on.



A video walkthrough of the Research Report explaining the thinking process used in the data model:

Also attached to this article is the original 1992 Roper Report and on which I based the numbers for estimated size of the U.S. Abductee population. It is my understanding that this is now in the public domain, but if that turns out to be incorrect, simply contact me via the support contact elsewhere on this website (and verify you are copyright holder) and I will be happy to remove it.