Thoughts on Astrological Cycles, the USA, and War
March 24, 2022
Pluto – The Transition From Capricorn To Aquarius
December 21, 2022
Thoughts on Astrological Cycles, the USA, and War
March 24, 2022
Pluto – The Transition From Capricorn To Aquarius
December 21, 2022
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Astrology of Ezekiel & Why It Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With UFOs

The increasingly prevalent Urban Legend  that the first chapter of Ezekiel is an example of a UFO sighting has become a pet peeve of mine. It has been a staple of the Ancient Aliens and Christian Ufology TV shows and Podcasts for years. But now, one increasingly hears it mentioned on mainstream news by Bible Belt Congressman who are being interviewed about the recent Congressional hearings on UFOs or the Navy’s acknowledgement that it experiences frequent UAP/UFO incursions into its air space.

As someone with some understanding of classical spiritual texts, Kabbala and astrology I find this theory both amusing and also moderately annoying. This article will attempt to explain why Ezekiel has absolutely nothing to do with UFOs. Hopefully this article will dispel some of the nonsense around the subject by showing that Ezekiel is a spiritual teaching that uses symbol and allegory to teach its message. The full paper which is as scholarly as this author can make it is attached here:

Ezekiel Research Paper (pdf) Showing Why It Is NOT About UFOs

The longer article discusses the allegorical and symbolic nature of Ezekiel as a typical example of ancient spiritual teachings. It attempts to show how the symbolism incorporated can be found in many other ancient writings across cultures and going back into the night of time.

A brief outline of the points covered are:

  • Ezekiel is a Jewish text (Old Testament, pre-Christian), and was written in Old Hebrew by the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel while living in exile in Babylon (Iraq) 593-563 BC. Old Hebrew presents certain translation issues.
  • Ezekiel is a Kabbalistic text according to Rabbinical scholars and therefore is written using numerological, astrological and other kabbalistic symbolism. These scholars have stated for thousands of years that it can only be understood symbolically! This is particularly true of the visions of the four beasts in Chapter 1, and the section concerning the construction of the 3rd Temple, beginning in Chapter 40. Ezekiel is one of the principle works studied by the Merkabah (Merkavah) school of Jewish mysticism (Kabbala) during the period 100 BC – 1000 AD. Merkavah means chariot or vehicle as in the Chariot of God. Merkabah practitioners studied texts describing visions of God and ascents to heavenly places. It should be noted that ascent is understood in the spiritual sense as an uplifting of the consciousness into spiritual heights and not literally via a craft.
  • In Ezekiel’s vision in the 1st Chapter (the one Ufology likes to claim), students of Astrology and Kabbala recognize the four astrological signs of the Fixed Cross: Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Aquila/Scorpio being assigned to the four directions North, South, East and West.
  • Theosophist (including Blavatsky and Bailey) as well as students of various mystery traditions and other Eastern Traditions recognize the four beasts of the Fixed Cross assigned to the four directions as relating to the Four Lords of Karma and which have various names including:
    • The Four Kumaras – Hindu traditions.
    • The Four Recording Angels – Biblical texts: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel.
    • The Four Sons of Horus – Egyptian mythology.
    • Ardhanarishvara & Four Great Maharajas – Brahmanical texts (Upanishads).
    • The Four Great Lords – Tibetan Buddhism.
    • The Four Great Kings – Chinese texts Pre and Post Buddhist.
    • The Four Dwarves – Norse Mythology.
    • The Four Holy Beasts – Vietnamese mythology.
    • The Four Stags – Norse Mythology.
  • Ezekiel’s vision is, in part, said to be a prophecy of “God’s damnation” of Israel for past errors and therefore Karma is an element of the story. This is important and relates to the association of the creatures of the four faces in 1:10 with the Four Lords of Karma in various esoteric traditions.
  • Other elements in Ezekiel’s 1st Chapter including the wheels in wheels and many eyes can be found in Revelations 4:5-8, and in other religious traditions of India, Tibet and China. This suggests these works are drawing upon the teachings and traditions of earlier systems and/or relate to certain universal truths as they have appeared to the perceiving consciousnesses of anyone ascending to similar heights, through the ages and regardless of culture.
  • Freemasons and Kabbalists study Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple, starting in Chapter 40, as a Masonic and Kabbalistic allegory relating to the building of the “Spiritual Temple not made with hands”. They understand it numerologically and symbolically as pertaining to the construction of the highest aspect of the spiritual bodies of man, known in Theosophical circles as the Spiritual Triad or Tri-Kaya. It pertains to the highest regions of consciousness and being, which can only be accessed via Triadal Consciousness and where God’s will and power can be known. This region is known as Shamballa in esoteric and eastern traditions. It should also be understood in this context that in the various mystery schools the subtle bodies are understood as vehicles of consciousness.