Astrology of Ezekiel & Why It Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With UFOs
August 9, 2022
Esoteric Astrology – Sacred and Non-Sacred Planets and Veils
April 9, 2023
Astrology of Ezekiel & Why It Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With UFOs
August 9, 2022
Esoteric Astrology – Sacred and Non-Sacred Planets and Veils
April 9, 2023
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Pluto – The Transition From Capricorn To Aquarius

I’ve been thinking a bit about the effects of the transition of Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius and I believe we can already somewhat see some of the signs.

1) Pluto is a planet of both power and the power to transform. It is a destroyer.  It destroys not by smashing with a hammer, but by going down deeply into situations and lifting hidden things up into the light of day so that they are seen for what they are and can be transformed.

This “power” aspect of its energy “empowers” whatever it touches. Good as well as bad structures. It is like electricity which is neutral and will power up any machine good or bad. Essentially it stimulates the life at the center of whatever it touches and forces it to grow and evolve despite itself. This tends to initially overstimulate the bad outer aspects and which eventually blow themselves apart. When these bad structures are institutions or corporations or governments or people they tend to get cocky and overreach and expose some of their more nefarious hidden agendas. And then, being exposed, they are forced by outside forces (or inner ones) to reform and transform. If they do so willingly then the change is easier and constructive. If they resist and cling to the old ways, they eventually blow apart.

2) Capricorn rules financial structures and money and political systems that are heavily intertwined with money and money politics (aka the US system and quite a few others). So, when Pluto is in Capricorn at the start (the early degrees) it empowers those systems or “entities”, but as I stated they will overreach. The arrogance and power of money and money control will think it has got the tiger by the tail and will be pretty happy with itself. Typically this causes them to eventually expose themselves and be so loud and “out there” in everyone’s face with their self-entitled behavior that a counter reaction is invoked.

3) Aquarius rules the “New Age” and groups in a “power of the people” way, hence “true democracy” and “spiritual democracy” or an enlightened democracy wherein people learn to elect leaders that are wise and spiritual and intellectually qualified to lead. Freemasonry is supposed to symbolize this type of governance or government.

Aquarius also governs “new energies”, the energies of radiation or the energy of LIFE. The spiritual keynote of Aquarius is: Waters of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men. This is the basis for one of the symbols of Aquarius which is a man carrying a pitcher of water. When Pluto was in Leo, the sign opposite Aquarius we had the beginning of the nuclear age and most of the major advances in nuclear physics emerged and began then (in reality all astrological signs are one half of a whole, with the other half being expressed by the sign opposite it).

But what science doesn’t yet understand about the underlying basis of nuclear energy is the life aspect, of which radiation is merely a symptom. And when Pluto is in Aquarius, it will pull up into the light of day (via scientific discoveries) the underlying basis of radiation. Science knows it is there and refers to it as “Energy from the vacuum”. It is literally the energy from the underlying fabric of space. The ether which pervades all and is the medium of distribution for the “waters of life”. It is the power that powers all life forms.

Now, probably aspects of this physics are understood and suppressed by various hidden governmental groups since WW2 and in the years that followed. Now regardless of how or when we got it, these groups have kept it hidden and suppressed discoveries in this area for two reasons:

  • Aspects of it are very dangerous and can produce weapons that make a nuke look like a firecracker.
  • This type of energy is incredibly disruptive to plutocratic and hegemonic power structures that rule via control of energy sources and money.

In these one can see how such discoveries would precipitate and bring about the destruction of monopolistic and undemocratic power structures and eventually give power back to the people. Do you see the Pluto in Aquarius influence here?!

Pluto in Aquarius WILL force to the surface during its stay in that sign these discoveries in energy science one way or another. And when that happens, there will be a total transformation and change in the global power structures based on oil monopolies and power structures that rule via them. Everyone will have access to free or cheaply available energy and that is totally transformative. It doesn’t solve all problems but it solves a lot of them related to access to clean water and food, etc. Once there is easily available and abundant energy, one can convert salt water into fresh water cheaply and that can be used for sanitation and making many more areas of the Earth capable of growing food and supporting a better, healthier life, etc, etc. It is easy to see how such discoveries will eventually produce radicle changes.

Keep in mind that the Signs in astrology are NOT neat little 30 degree boxes, they are more like 12 lights or energy transmitters whose energy aura overlaps those on either side of it. And as Pluto approaches (Dec. 21, 2022: only about 2.7 degrees away, or 27.5 Capricorn) it is already in the Aquarian aura and so we are already seeing the influence of Pluto in Aquarius.

Here are some examples:

  • Elon Musk’s recent Twitter Poll relative to if he should remain as CEO at Twitter is a perfect example. He overreached, Purchased Twitter for too high a price. Had to fire loads of people to try and make ends meat and also to assuage his large Plutocratic ego. And then he got too full of himself and in a typically Pluto in Capricorn way thought he could put his rulership to a vote and win! But, game show buzzer sound here … he should of checked the chart. Pluto is going into Aquarius and triggering all sorts of things in his natal chart and the power of the people rose up and said NAY. We shall see if he honors his word, I think he will eventually be forced to.
  • Putin and his oligarchs overreached. They figured Europe and the US didn’t do anything 7 years ago when they grabbed Crimea and also that he/they had Europe by the short ones regarding their energy needs. Well nope, wrong. Pluto approaching Aquarius said ixnay to that form of oil/energy blackmail and the relatively democratic European Union (regardless of what you might think of it, it IS an Aquarian and democratic institution) decided that both self-interest as well as conscience dictate resistance. Not sure which of those two motivations was stronger 😉 but who cares. This will probably lead to Putin’s fall via his own people. The sanctions are creating stresses for his people and eventually when Pluto is more fully into Aquarius and sometime next year (Russia is an Aquarian country) the Russian people will likely rise up as a reaction to being forced to send their sons to fight and die (and killing, in many cases family and relatives) in a war they do not want and pull him down. We shall see if I am right.
  • Trump over reached and we are watching the Democrats, his own party and the Justice system take him apart, bit by bit. His demise will become more apparent and obvious next year as Pluto goes more fully into Aquarius and does its work. The “teflon” is scratched and frayed and coming off.
  • US Oil/Money/Hegemony. Many financial astrologers, particularly of the doom and gloom “buy gold” variety, have been pointing at this period of Pluto in Capricorn as the end of “big banks” and the US and Global Financial System. Well so far they are wrong in the way they thought it was going to happen. The ones that have pointed to the end of oil backed dollar hegemony are closer to the truth. And as a result of the war in Ukraine and all the sanctions and Russias attempts to use energy blackmail we are seeing a slow but sure shift in the system. Europe is being forced to address the situation by turning to alternative sources of energy or face deindustrialization. This is starting a slow but definite shift in the oil hegemony system. As Pluto approaches Aquarius we can already see the signs. Little hints of fusion alternatives. But just wait. Europe’s self-interest will force it to seek a more permanent solution and one has to consider that if they know anything about the physics of the energy of the vacuum, they might release it. France is a likely candidate for that. Regardless of where it comes from, it WILL come and then that Dollar/Oil/Hegemonic system will come to an end.

This does not necessarily mean a collapse for the US but it will mean a loss of power and influence, particularly if we re-elect the petulant Trump child. I tend to doubt he will win again, but there are others in the wings that are just as ignorant and immature and stupidly self-serving and duplicitous, not to mention idealistic in the way that is typical of America. The boastful, finger wagging, chest beating variety that says: “do as I say, not as I do”. That doesn’t go too far with more mature Europeans who tend to roll their eyes at it and will ignore us if they don’t have to pay homage to our $$ Hegemony. If the USA adjusts accordingly it will emerge fine and has an important roll to play, if it does not it will be sidelined and with Uranus in our Sun Sign (Gemini) soon, we will likely be fighting a civil war of one kind or another (See this earlier post on the history of Uranus in Taurus and Gemini and the US Chart). Let us hope it is in the courts and the legal system and the court of public opinion and NOT on the streets.